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Ev Thomas lives and works in Bolinas, California.  He received his BA from Southern Illinois University in 1972.  His monumental landscape paintings capture the desolate beauty of what could be the Northern California coastal region, or the harsh, gray landscape of Wales or Easter Island.  But they could just as well be Thomas's interpretation of almost any place.  They may even be landscapes partially or wholly created in his mind.  His images -- huge solitary boulders and shapes of land and water under a lowering sky -- are executed in a muted, tonalist palette of thickly applied pigment.  In most works water, sky and land, and any rock or road in it, almost fuse together into an overall patterning of light and shade and subtle variations in the surface.  His vast uninhabited landscapes and seascapes capture the sense of solitude and limitless space that pervaded the brooding canvases of the 19th-century Romantic painters.  Like his Romantic predecessors, Thomas's landscape compositions can be read as mirrors of internal, psychological states, as well as awed evocations of the transcendental power and majesty of the natural world.

Thomas exhibited his work at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art in 1986, when he was given the Museum's coveted SECA (Society for the Encouragement of Contemporary Art) Award in Painting.  He has also been the recipient of a Pollack-Krasner Foundation Grant, the Marin County Arts Council Award for Painting and a WESTAF regional NEA Grant.