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Arminée Chahbazian received her B.F.A. from Scripps College in 1982 and her M.F.A. from Yale University in 1984.  She lives and works in the Napa Valley in Northern California.  Following is the artist's statement:

"Marble, limestone and granite are the materials I choose to use in making life-size, hand-carved sculpture.  I work intuitively in response to the natural formations and color variations in each stone.  The notion of allowing a sculpture to 'evolve' rather than following a pre-determined plan is my response to the element of mystery and surprise found in nature.  Simple and essential forms, punctuated by various textures are signature elements of my work.  Ever changing light conditions give life to subtly carved pieces.

"With my most recent figurative work, I aim simply to describe a moment in human experience, primarily by representing fragments of the female body.  Images referring to the landscape as well as animal forms are an integral part of this experience in that they describe, in a somewhat totemic manner, a particular place and time.  I attempt to provide references which are recognizable and accessible while featuring the most compelling natural qualities of stone.

"Another direction my work has recently taken is in the representation of ordinary sheets of paper and envelopes.  Stone can be simultaneously permanent and fragile, and I am intrigued by creating dialogues in stone -- capturing a moment in time -- based upon the paradox of this concept.  Ordinary paper, itself a medium for expression and communication, is rendered metaphorically permanent by the stone representation which by it physical nature speaks of fragility.

"Ultimately, my primary concern is to make sculpture that is aesthetically pleasing, yet provocative, and to suggest a state of mind devoid of any single interpretation in the form of a sensuous, elegant and original object in stone."

Chahbazian's work has been widely exhibited nationally and internationally, including the San Diego Museum of Art and a solo exhibition at the Galerie Facette, The Hague, Holland.